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Tropical Fruit Basket

Use these to customize the perfect gift for someone special!

100% Maui Coffee (7oz package) $14
After-Sun Aloe Vera 100% $12
Blow up pool ring (5-8 yrs) $8
Blow up pool ring (8 yr- adult) $10
Callaway Pack of 3 Golf Balls $14
Maui License Plate Playing Cards $8
Maui Sugar Babe Passionfruit Sugar Scrub $20
Quick Shelter Sunshade Pop-Up Tent $59
Reef Safe Natural Sunscreen Spray 50 SPF $19
Sand Bucket-Large $12
Sand Bucket-Small $8
Sand Toys Extra Large 17 piece Bucket Set $25
Speedo 30-50 lbs Floatie Wings $35
White/Purple Orchid Lei Fresh $35

$ 89.00

This tropical fruit basket is a delicious sample of Mauiís bounty. Hand picked local fruit is delivered in a woven lauhala basket with fresh flower blossoms, beautifully wrapped.

Maui Gold Pineapple
Locally grown sweet Papaya
Juicy Pears or Mango or Starfruit
Honey Bananas
Local Kiwi fruit
Fresh Grapes
Kula Strawberries

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